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    Bei Salt and Sun kannst Du mehr als nur einen “BH kaufen”

    Feinste französische Spitze und transparenter Tüll - aus diesen beiden Hauptzutaten zaubern die Designerinnen und Schneiderinnen unserer kleinen aber umso feineren Dessous Marken wahre Traum BHs - von Frauen, für Frauen. Wählen Sie Ihr Modell aus verschiedenen Designs und Schnitten. Vom feinen Spitzen BH, der mit grazilen Mustern für zeitlose, verführerische Eleganz sorgt bis zu provokativen semi-transparenten Modellen, die sich wie ein sanfter Schleier über Ihre Haut legen. Bei Salt and Sun werden Sie auf jeden Fall mehr als nur einen BH kaufen. Sie kaufen hochwertigste, von Hand gefertigte Designer BH - von Frauen, für Frauen, die die natürliche Schönheit des weiblichen Körpers betonen und pure Lebensfreude Wiederspiegeln.

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    12 Produkte

    An exciting selection of wonder bras for every day.


    No two days are the same, it's just our rituals that we start the day with every morning. But we always have a choice in how we approach the day, how we style and dress, and that definitely has an impact on our appearance and our personal well-being. 

    That's why at Salt and Sun you'll find the right bra for every day feeling. 

    For days when you have an important meeting and you are full of confidence and present the result of your work. On such a day you want to wear something comfortable and elegant at the same time, something that reflects your confidence and that starts with the perfect underwear. For example, a discreet sheer bra in white that won't show under your favorite blouse. Made of the finest stretch tulle, our exceptionally beautiful bras drape over your body like a second skin and disappear under clothing. These sheer bras are not only practical and comfortable but also incredibly sensual. A seductive detail that does not miss its effect when you celebrate a successful day with your loved one in the evening and still plunge into the nightlife full of positive energy or finish the evening at home, success is sexy.


    And then there are moments when you feel like a femme fatale. Like a proud Parisian, women admired worldwide for their feminine elegance and pure femininity. A seductive blend of confidence and a sense of style and fashion. At Salt and Sun you will find the lingerie that reflects exactly this attitude to life. A sexy wonder bra combined with the matching thong, a seductive garter belt as well as real nylon stockings will make you shine with confidence. Enjoy your sensual side to the fullest. Exciting woder bras you buy at Salt and Sun, because we love lingerie and have put together an exclusive selection of sexy bras for you.


    Choose your favorite model, our store offers exclusive designer bra, some only in limited quantities and only available for a short time:

    • classic underwire lace bra with adjustable straps and different cup sizes.
    • sheer bras in fine stretch tulle, with adjustable straps that gently veil the breast
    • wedding lingerie, consisting of a sexy lace bra and matching thong, garter belt and nylon stockings for the big day in white
    • wonder bras with padded cups that create a seductive cleavage
    • a seductive bra made of tulle and lace, with adjustable straps, which provide a comfortable feeling and seductively emphasize the breast
    • bustier style bras that lift the chest and provide an extra shot of sex appeal
    • and of course you will find all these beautiful bra models in different colors, the appropriate bust size, adjustable straps as well as different cup sizes.

    So don't hesitate long, buy exceptionally beautiful bras at Salt and Sun, treat yourself to something special and enjoy every day anew.


    Your sexy bra for an exciting feeling all over your body.

    Salt and Sun - our handpicked, high quality lace bras are the salt on your skin. They refine your look - like a pinch of salt gives every dish that certain extra. And sometimes it can be a pinch more! That's why you will find many exciting models in our store. Play the card of sensual seduction. A sheer bra will give you a lascivious look. It veils the details of the breast and at the same time stimulates the imagination. You may not buy such a bra for everyday wear, but you will love such a model all the more once you have worn it- and felt the soft sensation on your skin. Or enjoy the graceful play of shapes of a noble lace bra on your skin. Admire the fine details and sensual touch that these handmade luxurious lingerie give. Whichever model you choose, enjoy the exciting feeling all over your body, the motto is to buy the bra that makes you feel good.


    Buy beautiful bras - A sensual veil for your body

    Why can't you find the big manufacturers in our store? Because it's not the big brand names that make you look fantastic. Discover your favorite lingerie at Salt and Sun, the matching bra that suits you best and puts a satisfied smile on your face when you buy a bra. At Salt and Sun, it's the design and quality that counts, not the name, because we believe it's better to leave a lasting impression than flashing out. Discover seductive bodysuits and luxurious silk pajamas from our exclusive lingerie collection and choose  from our fine swimwear for women, the matching bikini, beautiful beach bags, with the woman and man make a casual appearance and cool swim trunks for men. Not to forget, at Salt and Sun you will also find high quality, Oekotex certified, sports and beach towels in beautiful colors and patterns.


    Convince yourself of our quality - Buy bra now!

    You want to buy a wonder bra, but you are not sure in which size. Under each model you will find the size chart of the respective manufacturer and if the bra does not fit when trying it, then you can send it back free of charge and we will exchange it for another size, if available or refund your money, just as you wish. 

    You want to give someone a special treat, but leave the choice of the right bra model to the recipient, also for this we have the right solution, vouchers from CHF 50 are a great way to give someone a special treat. So do not hesitate, bring a bra in our store is easy and safe.