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    Elegant and sexy - seductive bodysuits at Salt and Sun

    The bodysuit is one of the most versatile pieces of lingerie for women. Whether you're looking for an elegant form-fitting bodysuit or something super exciting, our exclusive luxury lingerie collection leaves nothing to be desired. If you want to wear a tight-fitting dress and look absolutely flawless, our corset-style bodysuits with padded cups are just what you need. For a lascivious and seductive look, choose a sheer bodysuit that covers the feminine curves like a gentle veil, guaranteed super sexy! At Salt and Sun you will find handmade luxury lingerie made of the finest French lace as well as sensual sheer lingerie for the ultimate femme fatal look. Made of soft stretch tulle, these sheer bodysuits make your skin feel incredibly soft and are guaranteed to raise your pulse rate. Whatever you're in the mood for, we guarantee the result will leave you speechless.

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    7 products

    Designer bodysuits for special occasions and events

    A luxurious bodysuit is the ideal partner for romantic dates and special occasions. Choose an ultra sexy bodysuit to surprise your partner. And if you are thinking what to wear with an elegant evening dress, how about a luxurious lace bodysuit. If you dare, you can also wear it visibly as part of a provocative outfit, for example, in combination with Marlene Dietrich style hipster pants. There are many occasions to wear a beautiful, luxurious lingerie, whether for yourself or for your partner. Enjoy the finer things in life, with our handpicked luxury lingerie from ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho. 

    The exclusive designer bodysuits from ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho are designed to make you feel special every day. Comfortable, made of the finest materials and ultra feminine in design, you will fall in love with these beautiful lingerie at first sight. At Salt and Sun you will find exciting sheer lingerie. Sexy bodysuits that will highlight your feminine beauty and confidence. Or choose a luxurious lace bodysuit, elegant and ultra light. You can also find corset style bodysuits with padded cups, perfect to wear under an elegant dress, giving you a very comfortable and luxurious feeling. 

    How do I find the right bodysuit for me?

    When buying a bodysuit, you need to consider several things: the size and cut, the color and the material. The best size of the bodysuit depends not only on your size  and weight, but also on the purpose and cut. Some women prefer bodysuits with padded cups, others prefer an ultra-light and stretchy bodysuit that almost makes you forget you are wearing it. If you are not sure what size or style to buy, under each product you will find a size chart. If you are still unsure, contact us at and we will help you find the ideal fit. 

    Sexy bodysuits - color, style and material of our luxury lingerie 

    In addition to different cuts and styles, you can also choose from a range of colors. You can wear a luxury lace bodysuit as a seductive part of your outfit. In this case, choose a color that matches your favorite outfit. This way, you can play with different styles by combining bodysuits and outfits. You will be surprised how well lingerie and fashion can be combined. Another important feature that you should pay attention to is the fabric. At Salt and Sun, you can choose between exciting sheer lingerie made of soft stretch tulle and luxurious lace bodysuits. Whichever type of bodysuits you choose, we guarantee that you will fall in love with the luxurious and exciting bodysuits from ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho Intimates.

    Forming bodysuits for a flawless look

    You may have some questions related to buying bodysuits. As we all know, black is not only the color of cool elegance, but also flatters the silhouette. Some bodysuits are not only lingerie for a sexy look, some also have a shaping effect. Such a bodysuit can help shape a flat stomach when wearing a really tight dress. So if you are preparing for a big night out, you don't have to worry anymore with this kind of bodysuit.

    At Salt and Sun online boutique, you can find the best luxury bodysuits in different designs and colors. All handmade sheer lingerie and exclusive shapewear bodysuits that will give you a classy and sexy look. 

    The difference between bodysuit and shapewear

    If you think that bodysuits and shapewear are the same, then you are generalizing the specification of the product. There are many types of women's bodysuits that can be used as fashion or designer clothes, but not all of them can be used as shapewear. Shaping bodysuits are specially designed and manufactured to give a perfect shape. Besides, this kind of bodysuits can be combined with shorts, pants, jeans and skirts as designer tops. 

    Sheer bodysuit and lace bra - Femme Fatal look 

    Wear a classy lace bra under a sheer bodysuit, why not. At Salt and Sun you can buy see-through bodysuits to fall in love with. You can wear the sheer bodysuit as a second layer over a sexy lace bra, we guarantee the result will put a confident, perky smile on your face. A sensual combination that beguiles the senses with the play of delicate lace and sheer tulle. Choose from different colors and cuts, sheer bodysuits with spaghetti straps or as a seductive ladies bodysuit with sleeves, at Salt and Sun you buy the finest luxury lingerie that will beguile your senses.  

    Salt and Sun - the online boutique for timeless tasteful lingerie

    Now it's up to you! At Salt and Sun, you'll find sexy lace bodysuits and lascivious dsssous for every day and special moments. We are here to help you choose the best lingerie bodysuit for you. In addition to the wide selection of exclusive bodysuits made of the finest French lace, satin or stretch tulle, our team also caters to the wishes of our customers. If you are looking for something specific that is not currently available in your size or on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will try to meet your needs. 

    Be sure to visit our online boutique regularly to learn about exciting new designs and special offers. Because you know, at Salt and Sun you will find the most beautiful lace bodysuits and lascivious sheer bodysuits that will leave you speechless. Enjoy the finer things in life, with classy lingerie - from Salt and Sun Timeless Tasteful