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    Our Philosophy

    Timeless Tasteful

    The way we consume has changed. Many of the things we „need“ are easy to get and exchangeable. Products come and go like they have no real value to us.So what makes Salt and Sun different to other shops? Here you find exclusive pieces, handpicked for their unique design and high quality that you will enjoy for a long time, not just another uninspired item between many.
    Salt - the essence that makes food taste more interesting. Add a pinch and feel the difference. Our handpicked, high quality designer lingerie is the Salt on your skin. Pick your flavor and spice up your look.
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    Sun - the feeling of the summer, the colors, the smell of the sea, the long days outside. Feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the summer with pieces of pure elegance and style. We have beautiful swimwear for men and women, handcrafted water proof jewelry and accessories.
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