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    Salt and Sun – best online shop for exclusive garter belts

    Every woman enjoys to look pretty and sexy. The garter belt is a classic lingerie item that is doing more than avoid nylon stockings from slipping down. With its historical function replaced by tights and stay-ups, it is still one of the most sensual lingerie items a woman can wear. A garter belt combined with real nylons is a glamorous and sexy lingerie item that highlights the feminin curves. The garter belt is not just a piece of lingerie add-on, it is a confidence booster. Putting on a garter belt to women’s favorite lingerie can make you feel even more desired.

    You can discover a range of garter belts on our website; we provide garter belts in finest lace and tulle. We offer transparent designs, see through lingerie in different colors, made of soft stretch tulle. Enjoy a wide range of beautiful handmade garter belts, using only high-quality materials.

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    Sexy garter belts for a sensual moment

    If you want to create the big wow effect that leaves your partner speechless, try our exciting see through lingerie or lace lingerie sets that you can combine with a matching garter belt. A sexy garter belt is always a sensual highlight, perfect to tease and play with our desires. You can wear it along with matching lingerie set or combine it with other colors and styles. 

    Additionally, a garter belt can bring out the erotic desires of a man. Hence, a sexy garter belt is an exciting lingerie item for special and memorable moments. Wearing a garter belt with matching string and bra gives you a sensational look. For a mind-blowing finish, wear it with real French nylon stockings, not with stay-ups. You can chose nylons with a back seam, it gives an additional seductive and erotic look, that's why our sexy garter belts  from ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho Intimates will never be out of fashion.

    Feminine garter belt for yourself

    You should consider certain things before purchasing garter belts. First of all, you should be consider when you are going to wear the garter belt. If you are planning to wear stockings as part of an elegant look on daily basis, then you must look for a discreet and comfortable garter belt. If you like to wear it occasionally for special events and moments, then a luxury garter belt will be the best choice for you. Also, many women look for retro silhouettes where the garter belt with shaping effect matters the most.

    In addition, the garter belt should not be too loose because they may not give you a glamorous look. Garter belts are great, when you are traveling or moving along, they ensure your stockings do not slip, which can happen with tight high stay-ups. At Salt and Sun, you can get the perfect feminine garter belt from ZHILYOVA Lingerie or Carol Coelho, just pick your size, color and shape and enjoy timeless elegance. 

    Glamorous garter belts for special occasions and events

    The garter belt is a lingerie item that can be worn anywhere and at any hour. A classic occasion to wear the garter belt is as part of the wedding dress. Rather than only on special occasions, it can also be worn while daily heading to work as part of a formal business or classy look. The lace garter belt under formal clothes gives you a feeling of confidence. A garter belt under a dress or skirt with stockings allows you to dress in a wonderful feminine style and walk confident through the day, not matter if you work in an office, gallery or any work were you can dress up. And not to forget, a garter belt along with thigh highs makes a super combo for a lascivious and classy party outfit.

    Along with that, the lace garter belt is perfect for glamorous events and romantic evenings in restaurants and theaters. Wear a pair of stockings with our sensual suspenders and enjoy the immediate feeling of boosted confidence. Feel sexy and pretty and enjoy the grace of true femininity. If you choose one of our exclusive garter belts from ZHILYOVA Lingerie or Carol Coelho, we guarantee the result is an absolute sensual and glamorous look. 

    Beautiful garter belt based on skin tone or color

    Light colored clothes always give women a perfect look. With lingerie it is important to choose the right color for your skin type. At Salt and Sun you will find white garter belts, nude garter belts as well as suspenders in exciting colors. Salt and Sun offers you a fine selection of ZHILYOVA Lingerie Unnamed garters in different colors. Choose your favorite color and enjoy this sensual lingerie accessory. 

    Basic garter belt for all ages

    The use of a garter belts is not bound to a certain age group. It can be worn by any age group (old and young). Here there is no distinction for the use of the suspenders, only the preferences to the shape, color and sizes can be different.

    A perfect way to wear a suspender belt

    Just like perfectly fitted thongs and bras, the women’s garter belts should have a perfect fit and sits comfortable on the waist. If the garter belt is too tight, then it may cause discomfort while wearing. So, always try to get a perfect size for your body. A loose garter belt will not do its job of providing support to your stockings and lingerie. 

    At Salt and Sun it is really easy to find the perfect size for you:

    • just refer to the size guide that you can find under each product description, 
    • it includes specific measures specific for both brands, ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho. 

    Garter belts along with sexy thigh highs nylon stockings are a great combination. They make you feel seductive and irresistible. The garter belt always gives a perfect attractive finish to your style. At Salt and Sun you find suspender belts in different sizes, so each women find the perfect fit for a comfortable lascivious Femme Fatal look. 

    Exclusive offers - noble garter belts from ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho 

    Glamorous garter belts from popular brands like ZHILYOVA Lingerie and Carol Coelho Intimates await you at our Salt and Sun online shop. As a note, the garter belt prices vary according to the materials used. All suspender belts are of highest quality. The lace garter belts are made of finest French lace and are absolute timeless in their design. So, look for exclusive offers by visiting our Salt and Sun online shop page frequently, we promise, it is worth it. 

    The demand for the garter belt is never changing because of its seductive and attractive look. So, while purchasing the garter belt you can go with the exclusive offers on sale as you can get your favorite design for an affordable price. 

    We hope you have got many ideas through this reading. So, you can start exploring our online store to pick your garter belt and experience the feeling to wear something truly special.