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    OEKO-Tex beach towels for mediterranean flair - Salt and Sun

    The beach towel is the most important item for your holiday trip that requires the tiniest place and fits easily into your bag. Salt and Sun offers you exciting beach towels you can’t say no to. This essential holiday item is a must have for your next trip to the beach, pool and thermal bath. We offer a wide range of high quality beach towels in bright colors and elegant designs. And for the cold season, pick yourself an extra fluffy Oeketex certified hamam towel for an irresistible price. Order now your beach towel and hamam towel at our Salt and Sun online store.

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    The Surf, the sand and a beautiful fouta

    The fouta is the essential holiday item that you must have in your beach bag. Our special beach towels give you the comfort zone to get relaxed in your beach holidays. So, whenever you are planning to get a relaxing experience or glitch-free experience at the beachside, do not forget to carry your fouta. Foutas are flat weaved beach towels. A good foutawon’t catch the sand and is more resistible than a soft spa towel, that is made for a different purpose.

    Easy maintenance of quality beach towels

    When you go to the beach you need to take two kind of towels with you. As a blanket you can take classic foutaand a second beach towel to dry your body from saltwater, sweat or sand. The beach towelis a small item with a big effect for a good day at the beach as you will use all day long. The classic fouta has the advance that the sand does not gets stuck in the meshes of, it is fast drying and just beautiful to look at.  

    But let’s be honest, the beach towel should not just be useful, it must also look nice and remind you the wonderful days at the beach, even if you use it only for the visit in the pool or thermal bath. At Salt and Sun you can chose from different beach towels designs. Our beach towels and hamam towels come with a beautiful finish, pick from diamond weaves, stripes, solid colors, and other cool designs. After relaxing time at the beachside, you can simply put the beach towel in one of our amazing tote bags. At Salt and Sun, you find only best quality beach towels. Visit our website and choose your favorite for yourself or as a gift for friends and family. 

    Well-functional and gorgeous looking must-have beach towel

    When you are planning for a beachside, beach towels will naturally be on the top of your checklist. When you are sitting under your parasol at the beach, your fouta is your soft pad to relax, dry your body and clean it from the sand. After a fun dip in the sea, you use your beach towel to get dry and remove salt and sand. Moreover, when you just want to relax in the sun, you can use a fouta to sit on the sand.

    Our best beach towels can be used for multiple occasions. For your daily swim training we recommend a soft hamam towel. This type of towel has very good water absorption. For the relaxing spa session after your training, we also recommend buying a soft hamam towel; this is what it is made for. Timeless design and high end quality finish. The best choice for the beach is our flat weave beach towels as they are more resistant and the mesh is not catching the sand. Hence, at Salt and Sun you find the instruction how to wash your beach towelthat you can enjoy it every time you take pack your beach bag.

    Difference between a bath towel and a beach towel

    For many people there seem to be no big difference between a bath towel and beach towel. But there are differences to their appearance, weave finish, size and thickness. So, let’s check out these differentiations.  

    The appearance of towels: The appearance of both towels can give you clarity. Often bath towels and hamam towelsare produced with a different weave technic, to maximize water absorption. They are very soft and may come in a simple uni color design. On the other hand, beach towels are bursting with different patterns and shining colors. Flat weave beach towels have a more resistant surface and don’t catch the sand. Both type of towels you can use all year long, the more soft diamond weave hamam towels are great for after bath, the flat weave beach towels are great for the beach but also as a pad for the thermal bath, spa and sauna.

    Size of the towel: If you want to know the difference between the bath towel and the beach towel, then the numbers are the best way to understand the difference. Generally, standard bath towels are smaller than beach towels. This can be observed when you hold it in your hand. Technically, the standard beach towel dimension is 100 cm X 170 cm while the bath towels start from 50cm X 100cm.

    Flat weave or soft diamond weave towel: These two towels are used for different purposes with different functionalities. Usually, the hamam towels are more luxurious with fluffy and thick quality, which are designed in a way to absorb all the water from the body. On the other hand, luxury beach towels are thinner in appearance and work well as a pad on different surfaces. The thinner fouta type beach towels have the advantage that dry very fast, buying beach towels is therefore a smart thing to do. 

    • Parting thoughts: Though, you find these two as the same for your personal use. But, it is always good to separate the towel for different occasions as well as for different use. 

    Exclusive offers on beach towels

    While purchasing the best beach towels, looking for the best discounts and offers is always a good idea. At our online store, we take care of the customer’s choice and demand. Likely, we offer fouta and wonderful hamam towels in different colors, sizes, durable fabrics at affordable prices based on your choices. 

    At Salt and Sun, we work with the well select, OekoTex certified brand, Towelmed. You can pick your beach towelin your favorite color. We offer different shades of green, grey, white, blue, red and many others. We hope that you have an idea about the quality of beach towels and hamam towels after reading this. Now, if you don't want to miss out on the best offers, visit our website and get yourself the perfect towel for the next beach or spa trip.

    Salt and Sun offers exciting foutathat you can’t say no to. This is an absolute must have item for relaxing moments. We offer fresh colors and elegant designs of beach towels that will blow your mind. At our online store, you can pick from colorful designs, umpteen top brands, fluffy, irresistible prices, all durable and Oekotex certified fabric.